The Last Match by FlecHaus


FlecHaus is celebrating the release of their EP The Last Match and I couldn’t be happier to get more music from this band. There is something about the contemporary music of FlecHaus that just puts me in a good mood.


If I had to sum up The Last Match in one word, it would be “coffeehouse”. There is something so easygoing and beautiful about this album that makes me want to work in Sip with an iced coffee in hand instead of the office.


EP Highlights:


Beautiful Things:  A stunning mix of acoustic guitar, vocals, and flute. And can I just say — the flute needs to be used more in the music industry, as proven by Lizzo and FlecHaus’s Kenzie Slottow. The vocal balance between lead singer and band namesake, Morgan Flechaus, and supporting vocalist, Molly Fisher, is stunning. The two have a vocal quality that is so similar that it sounds like one person doing both the melody and harmony at the same time. This song was awarded the  Fan Favorite Adult Contemporary song at the Independent Music Awards this year and it is clear why.


The Last Match:  Everything about this song is perfectly balanced to create one of the best songs I’ve heard on an EP in a while. The percussion, by JJ Periera, is the unsung hero of this song, giving the piece it’s driving force from the beginning while not overtaking the other elements — a balance that can be difficult for some bands to achieve.


All in all, this EP is one of my new go-to’s for  work and I can’t wait for FlecHaus to release some more music down the road.

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