Electric Darlin by Folk Family Revival


Folk Family Revival is the edgy older brother of the classic folk-country and the raw, classic rock sound, and nowhere is that more evident in their new album Electric Darling. I took a look at the band’s debut album and I already know that Electric Darling is going to be a staple of my morning commute.

Album Highlights:

This is what would play as the intro to  Stranger Things if it took place in Texas instead of Indiana. It is the perfect mix of other-worldly and grounded that it sets up the rest of the album and leads beautifully into the next song: “Fresh Water”.


Hecla Hill-

When I want to introduce someone of Folk Family Revival, I show them “Hecla Hill”. It is the epitome of what this band does, it’s grungy and determined and has swagger to spare. The beat is strong and the syncopation of the drums and vocals is the driving force behind this song. All of the elements of this song perfectly mix into creating what I think is the best song on the entire album.


Thumb in the Wind-

If “Hecla Hill” is the teeth of the album, then “Thumb in the Wind” is the heart. It is an reflective song about the band’s struggles wanting to be “More like my father/ And less like my friends /  I wouldn’t do it the same way / If I could do it again.” The second verse is an homage to the band’s grandfather and how much he sacrificed for his family. All in all, it is a beautifully written, heartfelt song that shows just how strong of song writers that Folk Family Revival are.


Sing Your Praise-

Leaning into their rock sound, “Sing Your Praise” is a masterclass at building and layering elements to make something truly special. It begins with just vocals and bass, and then the guitar is added until the drums come in after a pregnant pause and we are off to the races. Once this song gets going, it has you tapping your foot until the end.

Folk Family Revival started off on the best foot possible with their debut album Electric Darling, showing off their unique sound and well written lyrics, and I cannot wait for more.




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