Neon Headed by Sour Bridges


Sour Bridges’ new album Neon Headed Fool is the perfect Summer country album. The energy in every song is contagious and it’s hard to not want to tap your foot along, if not dance, to all 10 songs. Sour Bridges is known for their “Browngrass” sound, which is bluegrass — but just a little dirtier, and that sound rings clear in every single song.


Album Highlights:

Nothing Between Us – This song makes me want to put on my boots and go two-stepping. It’s got a great beat and the use of the fiddle to carry on the melody can’t help but put a smile on my face. The chorus has some beautiful harmonies that play with the guitar and fiddle perfectly.


Tarmac – There is one moment in this song that makes it an album stand out, and that is in the bridge. All of the instrumentals cut out and there’s just the two vocalists harmonizing on “I don’t know why / I don’t know why / know why” which then breaks into one of the most fun and energetic buttons to a song that I have heard in a while.


All in all, Neon Headed Fool is a great album that is a ton of fun to listen to. If you want to have a toe tapping time with some new music, I highly recommend Sour Bridges.

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