Wimberley is the heart of the Hill Country, and we here at 94.1 KWVH FM have made it our mission to be a voice for this community. What started as a dream in 2011, became a reality in 2015 after the Memorial Day Weekend Flood. Wimberley Valley Radio’s mission is to inform, entertain and, most importantly, bring our community together.

Wimberley Valley Radio is on air and streaming live online 24/7, and it is our priority to make this local radio station accessible to everyone. Connect with your community and spend some time with great music and talk shows.


A construction permit was granted in January 2015, and the call letters KWVH-LP were reserved. Before a radio station could be funded and built, the Memorial Day Weekend Flood of 2015 occurred, killing eight people in and near Wimberley and destroying 350-to-400 residences along the Blanco River.

Recognizing the community’s need for timely communication due to the disaster, the Board of Wimberley Valley Radio applied for and received temporary authorization from the FCC to broadcast for 30 days, within a week and a half of the flood. They also leased space for a station close to the town center, and set up a temporary recording studio. With borrowed equipment KWVH began broadcasting from a volunteer’s HAM radio antenna above his hilltop house on June 5, 2015.

At the end of the 30 days, the board applied for a permanent license. In accordance with FCC rules, the station was able to continue broadcasting while waiting to obtain a permanent FCC license. On Feb. 25th, 2016, that license was granted.  But it required a relocation of the transmitter as well as station build-out before live broadcasting began on Aug. 22, 2016.

Grant funding enabled volunteers to construct two broadcast studios in 2016 on the premises of Wimberley Valley Radio’s offices at the Lumberyard Retail Center on Old Kyle Road in Wimberley.

An additional studio dubbed the “fishbowl” was completed in May 2018, jutting out in front of the building where passers-by can watch and listen to live radio programming.

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