Job Openings


Assistant Program Director

Assistant PD / Music Director / Copywriting / Air Talent / Social Media

Job Description

Keep and maintain KWVH Music Library. This includes putting the music into the networked auxiliary storage (NAS) complete with the proper music rights reporting information…code of the song for type and genre. This person would also standardize in conjunction with Program Director how all music is dubbed into the system and make sure that the music is dubbed with right levels and standard open and closes to the songs. All of the shows and programs that have music would have that music in-cluded into our music library

Work with current and the proposed new automation system that will be implemented sometime in the next year. Enter all programming data into the automation system. Programming data includes: Music, Station promotional messages, Imaging, Programming clocks.

On-air talent…will do occasional on-air shift or programs, produce an air shift, edit and produce other shows.

Write copy for on-air underwriting, station promotional announcements and PSAs.

Produce programming, edit talk and music programs, produce underwriting messages, and mu-sic logs daily.

Assist in updating our Facebook, Twitter accounts and co-ordinate our main Facebook page with that of all of KWVH’s individual Facebook pages.

Help to produce and broadcast events on location.

Update information on Station Web Page.

Assist the KWVH Program Director in other day-to-day tasks as they arrive.

Skills and Experience Needed

  • Previous on air
  • Music scheduling and automation scheduling experience
  • Writing skills
  • Proficient to advanced computer skills
  • Experience with automated programming
  • Experience with effectively using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
  • Experience with Word Press in order to help update current website


Office Manager

Not the typical office manager but a hybrid position that starts with office manager but morphs into much more.


Organize the office, including personnel files, public file, and other administrative files

Traffic all underwriting, all promos, anything that needs to go on the program log other than the actual music

Handle our phone calls and phone screening when needed during work hours.

In charge of keeping facility cleaned (does not mean that he/she needs to do it, but they need to see that it gets done)

Will assist in editing radio station programs, promotional announcements, public service announcements, station imaging, and fund-raising messages.

In charge of volunteers, including background checks, EEO, etc. Assist station manager in recruitment of volunteers.

Organize and maintain the radio station public file.

Work in conjunction with station manager, fundraising manager and accounting manager to handle invoicing, and accounts payable, and correctly categorize expenses.

Organize special events for fundraising and programming promotions in co-operation with the Development Director, Station Manager, Program Director and the Wimberley Valley Radio Board.

In charge of purchases for office supplies, underwriting material, promotional material.

Occasionally run the control room production board and act as back-up producer.

Assists in ripping (recording) music CD’s into KWVH Music Library,

Occasionally attend station events or broadcasts.

Office Hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 PM

Person reports to KWVH Station Manager.

Skills and Experience Needed

  • Must have above average computer skills…preferably both Mac and Microsoft and some experience in data entry
  • Warm and friendly personality, with great phone skills
  • The ability to multi-task. There are a limited number of people who work at the station and each must be able to handle multiple functions during the course of a workday.
  • Extremely organized
  • Some type of radio, television, social media background is preferred.
  • Good communication skills. Ability to write copy.
  • Having the ability to put together presentations for sales is a plus.
  • Experience in organizing events would be important.


To inquire about job openings, contact Station Manager Mike Crusham, stationmanager@wimberleyvalleyradio.org.