Wimberley Valley Radio PSA Request

Wimberley Valley Radio gladly accepts Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from registered not-for-profit organizations and other community groups providing free events and services. To submit a PSA, use the submission form at the bottom of this page or email us at info@wimberleyvalleyradio.org.

Copy – Wimberley Valley Radio reserves the right to edit all copy. Submit your PSA at least two weeks before your event. Please include the following information:

  • EMAIL:
  • DESCRIPTION: (Please enter a brief description of your event or service.)
  • REQUESTED SCRIPT: (Your requested script should be +/- 75 words total)

Wimberley Valley Radio is happy to partner with our community to help publicize local events. However, since air time is limited, the station cannot guarantee that all PSAs will be broadcast. Individuals and community groups interested in guaranteed spots on Wimberley Valley Radio are encouraged to purchase underwriting with the station.

PSA Format Checklist

To be considered for broadcast, your PSA must following prescribed guidelines:

  • Complete sentences – write only in complete sentences.
  • Contact information – a phone number or website is required. End your copy with: “the number (or website) for information is …” Or, “the number (or website) for tickets is … ”

Length- Your requested script should be around 75 words total.

  • Schedule date – provide a clear end date for the PSA (date of the event) on the form.
  • Prices – if the event is free, please mention this. If it is not free, do not list ticket prices. If the event is a benefit for a non-profit or involves donations, just describe the event — do not refer to donations, auctions, or benefits, etc.
  • Cultural events – for arts events,  include program highlights (artists or headlining band, for example).
  • Non-commercial tone – never use call-to-action verb phrases (example: don’t write “call..,” or use phrases like, “join us for…,” “come celebrate…,” “visit…,” or “you’re invited to…”). We appreciate your help maintain the distinctive, non-commercial delivery that is highly valued by our listeners.
  • Language – Wimberley Valley Radio does not air PSAs with comparative language (“The best in Wimberley” etc).

We regret that we cannot air PSA’s with the following content: 

  1. Political announcements
  2. Religious events, excluding concerts and other non-religious events at churches, synagogues, and other religious venues, or temporary relocation of services
  3. Routine or regular meetings of an organization
  4. Commercial events, or other events where there is an emphasis on ‘selling’ or ‘bidding’, including silent auctions, yard sales, bake sales, artist markets and craft fairs
  5. Membership-only events, car washes, or lost animals
  6.  A solicitation for funds or a solicitation for volunteers to solicit funds

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